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Part of VMware 5V0-61.22 exam questions online practice test:

FromNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Lead4Pass13VMware Workspace ONE 21. X Advanced Integration Specialist5V0-61.22

Which directory type is supported when integrating LDAP-based authentication in Workspace ONE Access?

A. SecurID
C. Kerberos
D. Oracle LDAP

Correct Answer: D



An administrator is attempting to create a magic link in VMware Workspace ONE Access for day zero onboarding. After building the REST API request, the administrator receives the following status code:

How should the administrator interpret this error?

A. The request was served successfully
B. The user does not belong to the AD group that was configured for the token
C. A user could not be identified using the parameters passed in the body
D. A token was already generated for the user, so a fresh one cannot be generated

Correct Answer: D



Which statement accurately describes modem claims-based identity management?

A. It supports multiple authentication methods except for Single Sign-On
B. It doesn\’t supports multiple providers
C. It requires the application to perform the authentication task
D. It makes account management easier by centralizing authentication

Correct Answer: D


Which two considerations should be noted when designing a Workspace ONE environment? (Choose two.)

A. Installing all product components
B. Testing environment
C. Involving stakeholders
D. Defining business drivers
E. Configuring integrations

Correct Answer: CD



Which category setting of Citrix-published resources is supported in VMware Workspace ONE Access?

A. Syncing
B. Nested categories
C. StoreFront Filtering
D. Tagging

Correct Answer: C


An administrator has enabled and configured Kerberos in the VMware Workspace ONE Access console, but the connection test fails.

What is one reason this connection failed to authenticate?

A. The Linux machine on which the Kerberos Auth service is installed was not joined to the domain
B. The certificate was not enabled on the VMware Workspace ONE UEM console
C. The Kerberos Auth service is incorrectly configured on the AirWatch Cloud Connector
D. The certificate is unsigned by a trusted SSL or public or internal certificate authority

Correct Answer: C



What is a prerequisite to have Apteligent integrated with VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence?

A. VMware Workspace ONE UEM must manage VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK apps as internal apps
B. VMware Workspace ONE Digital Employee Experience Management must be configured
C. VMware Workspace ONE Assist must be deployed on all iOS and Android devices
D. VMware Workspace ONE UEM must have Memcached deployed

Correct Answer: B



A VMware Workspace ONE environment has been set up with Roles Based Access Control (RBAC), and the directory-based administrators who managed in Workspace ONE UEM have limited permissions to access the console.

The administrator has enabled VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence in the environment and must now enable the correct configuration setting that will allow administrators to access VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence from VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Which configuration setting must be enabled?

A. Create a new admin role in the Intelligence Console, and then give the rote Read and Edit permissions to Intelligence

B. Create a new user role, and then give the role Read and Edit permissions to Intelligence in Categories > Monitor

C. Create a new admin role, and then give the role Read and Edit permissions to Intelligence in Categories > Monitor

D. Create a new user role in the Intelligence Console, and then give the role Read and Edit permissions to Intelligence

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is monitoring the Kerberos Auth service on the VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector Server.

What is the proper health check URL if port 8443 is used for the Kerberos Auth service against a server with hostname = connector? local?

A. https://connector.local:8443/eks/health
B. http://connector.local/eks/health

C. https://connector.local/eks/health
D. http://connector.local:8443/eks/health

Correct Answer: D



What is the primary purpose of VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network in VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence?

A. Delivering VPN profiles to devices
B. Assisting with the integration of the Multi-Domain directory services across a trusted network
C. Integrating threat data from security solutions, including endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions
D. Providing applications to end users

Correct Answer: C



Which type of message will a user\’s browser send to the Identity Provider when executing a Service Provider initiated federated SSO workflow?

A. OAuthRequest
B. SAMLpRequest
C. AuthzRequest
D. AuthnRequest

Correct Answer: D


Which two actions are required to set up Hub Virtual Assistant? (Choose two.)

A. Create Watson Assistant and Add Dialog Skill
B. Enable Workspace ONE mobile flows service with the ServiceNow chatbot
C. Create Search Skills in Watson Assistant

D. Design and configure the Hub Virtual Assistant page
E. Enable Employee Self-Service Support

Correct Answer: AD


An organization wants to prevent users from connecting to VMware Horizon desktop or application pools from a Horizon Pod deployed on their internal network unless the user selects the Horizon pool from the Unified Catalog of their Workspace ONE Access shared SaaS tenant.

Which additional setting must the organization administrator configure?

A. Enable the Virtual App Service on all Unified Access Gateway systems that allow users to connect to Horizon pools from the Horizon Pod

B. Configure the Workspace ONE Access tenant as a SAML 2.0 authenticator on all Horizon Connection Servers in the Horizon Pod

C. Enable the VMware Tunnel on all Unified Access Gateway systems that allow users to connect to Horizon pools from the Horizon Pod

D. Set “Delegation of authentication to VMware Horizon (SAML 2.0 Authenticator)” to “Allowed” on all Horizon Connection Servers in the Horizon Pod

Correct Answer: C


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