Lead4pass 5V0-32.21 Dumps Update – Good Material In Preparation 2023-02

Lead4pass 5V0-32.21 Dumps Update

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Free sample questions of 5V0-32.21 free dumps

Question 1:

An administrator is trying to add a new Provider VDC and wants to consume the vSphere storage policy immediately.

Which action should the System Administrator take next?

A. Under Resources -> Disable, and then Enable the vCenter Server instance.

B. Under Resources -> Infrastructure Resources, click “Update” for the vCenter Server instance.

C. Under Resources -> Infrastructure Resources, click “Refresh Policies” for the vCenter Server instance.

D. Under Resources -> Infrastructure Resources, click “Reconnect” for the vCenter Server instance.


Correct Answer: D

Question 2:


Which VMware Cloud Director constructs are available in an Organization?

A. Extensibility, Licensing, Public Addresses, vSphere Services

B. Datastores, Storage Policy, Resource Pools, VM Placement Policy

C. Leases, Policies, Quotas, Catalogs

D. Network Pools, External Networks, Cloud Director Cell


Correct Answer: B

Question 3:


Which two vCloud Usage Insight functions reduce monthly reporting efforts? (Choose two.)

A. Providing the ability to bypass the Commerce Portal and submit reports directly

B. Transferring reports from vCloud Usage Meter virtual appliances to vCloud Usage Insight

C. Pre-filling usage data into Partner Connect with full control over the data before submission

D. Removing the need to deploy any instance of vCloud Usage Meter

E. Aggregating usage data across all instances vCloud Usage Meter


Correct Answer: BE

Question 4:


Which NSX-T resource can be used to back a VMware Cloud Director External Network?

A. Edge Cluster

B. Network Segment

C. Tier-0 Logical Router

D. Tier-1 Logical Router


Correct Answer: C

Question 5:


The system administrator has to configure transfer server storage during the deployment of a VMware Cloud Director appliance.

What are two purposes of this storage? (Choose two.)

A. For VMware Cloud Director appliance database backups

B. As temporary storage for vApp and media uploads and downloads

C. Used when upgrading a vSphere datastore to a newer VMFS version

D. For network traffic when Cross-VDC Networking is enabled

E. Used during Storage vMotion based migration of virtual machines


Correct Answer: AB

Question 6:


On which type of network in VMware Cloud Director can fence mode be enabled?

A. Isolated vApp Network

B. Direct vApp Network

C. External Network

D. Routed vApp Network


Correct Answer: B

Question 7:


Which two Linux distributions are supported as the base operating system for a VMware Cloud Director installation? (Choose two.)

A. Red Hat Enterprise Linux

B. Ubuntu

C. Debian Linux

D. Amazon Linux

E. CentOS


Correct Answer: AE

Question 8:


What happens to a VM within an oVDC which uses the Pay-As-You-Go allocation model if there are insufficient resources?

A. It gets corrupted.

B. It powers on as the resources are assigned at the organization VDC level.

C. It fails to power on.

D. It takes advantage of the resources of idle virtual machines.


Correct Answer: B

Question 9:


A cloud provider wants to advertise a new service based in the VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension.

Which two statements summarize the functionality of this new service? (Choose two.)

A. It integrates a tenant\’s AWS EBS buckets into the tenant\’s Virtual Data Center.

B. It provides the capability to store and share structured data within the VMware Cloud Director organization.

C. It is a standalone middleware service that provides S3 compatible storage capabilities accessible via HTTPS.

D. It provides the capability to store and share unstructured data within the VMware Cloud Director organization.

E. It offers multiple storage performance tiers to deploy tenant\’s workloads.


Correct Answer: CD

Question 10:


Which statement is accurate for virtual machines that need to be customized by VMware Cloud Director?

A. It must use the VMware Tools for VMware Cloud Director.

B. It should use only the tools provided by Windows operating system.

C. It must be converted into VMware Cloud Director disk format first.

D. It should have the latest VMware Tools installed.


Correct Answer: A

Question 11:


A fresh deployment of the VMware Cloud Director appliance has failed. Which log file will provide more information on the issue?

A. /var/vmware/vpostgres/current/pgdata/log

B. /opt/vmware/var/log/firstboot

C. /var/log/messages

D. /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/cell.log


Correct Answer: B

Question 12:


Having just deployed VMware Cloud Director, a service provider needs to create Provider Virtual Data Centers so their tenants can consume cloud resources through their Organization Virtual Data Centers.

Which two options can be used to create Provider VDCs? (Choose two.)

A. Service Provider Admin Portal

B. vSphere Client

C. Tenant Admin Portal

D. Operations Manager Portal

E. vCloud API


Correct Answer: AB

Question 13:


A service provider is using vRealize Operations Tenant App for chargeback of tenant-used resources.

Which action should the system administrator take to update the price for a CPU and memory consumption?

A. Change the sizing policy in the VMware Cloud Director provider portal.

B. Change the pricing policy in the Tenant App UI.

C. Change the pricing metadata in the concerned Organization VDC in the VMware Cloud Provider portal.

D. Change the report definition in the vRealize Operations Manager.


Correct Answer: A

Question 14:


What are three components in the VMware Cloud Director Availability solution that are used to enable migration from an on-premises data center to a service provider\’s VMware Cloud Director environment over the internet? (Choose three.)

A. Cloud Replicator Appliance

B. Cassandra database

C. RabbitMQ Server

D. VMware Cloud Director Availability On-Premises Appliance

E. Standalone Edge Appliance

F. Cloud Tunnel Appliance


Correct Answer: ABD

Question 15:


A system administrator creates a common catalog to be used by all customers. For availability purposes, the catalog will be consumed by a different VMware Cloud Director instance in a different country.

Which catalog setting enables the catalog to be shared across VMware Cloud Director instances?

A. Published catalog

B. Subscribed catalog

C. Content library catalog

D. Shared catalog


Correct Answer: D


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