Lead4pass 2V0-31.21 Dumps Update – Good Material In Preparation 2023-01

Lead4pass 2V0-31.21 Dumps Update

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Lead4pass free 2V0-31.21 dumps

Latest 2V0-31.21 dumps free preparation material sharing

The following questions and answers are from the latest 2V0-31.21 free dumps. 

Question 1:

Kubernetes zones enable administrators to define the policy-based placement of which items? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Pods and deployments

B. Ingress and load balancing

C. Clusters and namespaces

D. Service accounts and role-based access control (RBAC)

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

The Quickstart wizard executes multiple actions when submitted.

What is one of the actions that is always executed by the Quickstart wizard? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Send approval notification

B. Create an Active Directory integration

C. Request a deployment from a machine catalog item

D. Execute subscriptions for an event topic

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

Which two components can be used to add a directory for identity and access management? (Choose two.)

A. vCenter Server

B. vRealize Operations

C. VMware Identity Manager

D. vRealize Automation

E. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Correct Answer: CE

Question 4:

An administrator is trying to create a new set of image mappings that will map to vSphere templates that have been added to an existing vCenter Server cloud account. When the administrator tries to select the Windows Server 2016 image, nothing appears on the list. The administrator has confirmed that the vSphere template exists in the correct location within vCenter Server.

Which action should the administrator take to be able to create the new image mapping? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Validate the vCenter Server cloud account credentials.

B. Check to make sure image synchronization is successful for the vCenter Server cloud account.

C. Make sure the correct NSX endpoint is selected for the vCenter Server cloud account.

D. Add a new capability tag to the vCenter Server cloud account.

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

Which command should an administrator run to manage certificates on a vRealize Automation appliance? (Choose the best answer.)

A. /data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/bin/generate_ssl_certificate.sh

B. kubectl certificate

C. /opt/scripts/renew_k8s_certificates.sh

D. vracli certificate

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

Which network profile can be used to isolate a deployment? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Routed network profile

B. Outbound network profile

C. Private network profile

D. Existing network profile

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

An administrator wants to use constraint tags to deploy cloud templates to a particular storage with a capability tag assigned; however, not all projects have access to this storage.

Which two tag formats can be defined at the cloud template level in order to ensure that cloud templates are deployed on this particular storage, whenever possible, and fail if not available? (Choose two.)

A. value:key

B. key:value:soft

C. !key:value

D. key:value:hard

E. key:value

Correct Answer: CD

Question 8:

An administrator configures cloud accounts for vSphere, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Each public cloud account has a single region configured, with a single cloud zone associated with each. Company policy states that all development workloads should be deployed to the public cloud and all production workloads should be deployed to vSphere. The administrator wants to ensure that when creating cloud templates for this project an appropriate constraint tag is specified to meet the placement policy and that App-Dev users are allowed to select whether to deploy the machine to production or development. The tagging strategy states that development environments should be tagged with “dev” and production environments should be tagged “prod”.

Which two actions should the administrator take to ensure the objective is met? (Choose two.)

A. Add a capability tag to each cloud account, using env:prod as the key/value pair.

B. Add a capability tag to each public cloud zone, using env:dev as the key/value pair.

C. Add a capability tag to each vSphere cloud zone, using env:dev as the key/value pair.

D. Add a capability tag to each vSphere cloud zone, using env:prod as the key/value pair.

E. Add a capability tag to each public cloud zone, using env:prod as the key/value pair.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 9:

Refer to the exhibit.

Latest 2V0-31.21 dumps free questions 9

An administrator is testing a newly created Windows 2016 cloud template in Cloud Assembly. While using the Test option from within the cloud template, the attached error appears.

What is a possible cause for this error message? (Choose the best answer.)

A. During the machine allocation phase, Cloud Assembly could not find enough resources.

B. The network profile created did not have the correct capability tag.

C. The administrator did not associate a cloud zone to the project.

D. The administrator did not add a cloud account.

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

An administrator creates multiple flavor mappings and names them as follows:

Small: vCenter / Datacenter:datacenter-1 – cpu = 1, memory = 2 GB AWS-West-1 / us-west-1 = t2.micro

Medium: vCenter / Datacenter:datacenter-1 – cpu = 2, memory = 4 GB AWS-West-1 / us-west-1 = t2.small

Where would the administrator use those named mappings to allow users to select image sizes? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Cloud zones

B. Projects

C. Cloud templates

D. Custom forms

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

An administrator is debugging a multi-machine cloud template deployment and the following error occurs: “Customization operation failed. Customization specification with name [vCenter_Windows] was not found.”

Where can the administrator identify the phase of the provisioning lifecycle and the machine for which this error occurred? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Deployments > History

B. Deployments > Topology

C. Cloud Assembly > Design

D. Service Broker > Deployments

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

In vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly, what can administrators use Onboarding Plans to do? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Find the best cloud template to match to discovered virtual machines.

B. View a list of virtual machines that have not yet been data-collected from a public cloud account.

C. Identify virtual machines that were deployed using vRealize Automation.

D. Identify virtual machines that have been data-collected from a configured cloud account but are not yet managed by vRealize Automation.

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

What is the location of the vRealize Orchestrator log files within the vRealize Automation appliance? (Choose the best answer.)

A. /var/log/vmware/vco

B. /data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/logs

C. /var/syslog/syslog.d

D. /opt/charts/vco/templates/logs

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:

On which platform is CloudBase-Init used to execute user-provided scripts? (Choose the best answer.) Linux

A. Linux

B. MacOS

C. Kubernetes

D. Windows

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Which command should an administrator run to collect a vRealize Automation log bundle? (Choose the best answer.)

A. kubectl –n prelude logs

B. kubectl get pods –all-namespaces

C. vracli log-bundle

D. vracli vrli

Correct Answer: C


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